lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

Awkward Silences All around me

All alone... again.
And it's like the whole damn world knives against me.
And all that surrounds me is the sharpness of cold silence.

The thought of what could've been.
The desappointment of the truth.
The convincing arguments that lead to total chaos.
Everything's gone.
All is lost, even hope, even love, even friendship.

There is nothing I can do.
Nobody is worth saving.
Especially not me. I'm worth nothing.
I'm an infimus part, of an unrelevant universe.

I wanted to say so much.
And somehow I kept quiet.
Me, and my cowardly ways.
You and your stubbern nature.

Did you really think that winning would do us good?
Don't you feel like you have gain nothing and lost all.
I do. And I wasn't even part of it.
You talk to the wall and it never talks back.

All of them, and all of you.
Left me with this sour feeling in my mouth.
And I die slowly, but certainly.

Until I wake.
It all starts again.
I don't know if I should give it another try.
But the sun is high and shining.
And life is too beautifull to waste.

After all it all happened just in one milisecond
After all it all happened in my head.
I'm still free, and me.
And I still may have one last chance.